CY4GATE at the 10th edition of International Conference on Cyber Conflict

CY4GATE is taking part in the 10th edition of International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon) 2018, organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), from May 29th to June 1st in Tallinn. It is the most eminent global event in the field of cyber conflict and a unique annual conference, hosting all the excellence of  the international cyber community in a single event. Each year, over 600 decision makers and experts from government, military and industry attend this initiative to discuss the most current and challenging
issues of cyber security from a technical, strategic, military and legal point of view.

CyCon is an exclusive opportunity for CY4GATE to strengthen its brand and its strong commitment in the field of cyber security in the context of the most accredited international Cyber ​​Community. Among the speakers’ panel, Andrea Melegari, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, and Alessio Campana Cyber EW Scientist, have presented two speeches. The first in time trend has been held on May 30th during “The potential of Open Source Intelligence” in which Mr. Melegari has talked about “Supercharge your OSINT with Artificial Intelligence” shown how artificial intelligence can support cyber threat intelligence analysts through a live demo. Today Mr. Alessio Campana has explained how “Electronic Warfare meets cyber” talking about Cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA), that consists in the synchronization and coordination of offensive, defensive, inform and enabling activities, across the electromagnetic environment and cyberspace.

Cy4GATE stand at the Astana Cybersecurity Expo 2017.

“In a world of inter-connected devices and systems, technological advantage is being eroded by non conventional warfare using electromagnetic and cyber activities. Our Company as a part of Elettronica Group, innovatively integrates the use of the spectrum for military and security goals with the control of networks and their
contents. Our advanced tools successfully deal with the increasing complexity of modern operational scenarios” says Eugenio Santagata, CY4GATE CEO.

CY4GATE is proud to be the only Italian company to bring its contribution to the initiative also as diamond sponsor, with the aim to offer its expertise for the improvement of networks’ resilience and help to prevent, contrast and recover from cyber-attacks. The frame is a whole strategy driven by CY4GATE recently materialized in the
signature of a partnership agreement on cyber information sharing with the NATO Communications and Information Agency during NITEC conference held in Berlin on May 23rd, following the joining of the NICP Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) in 2017.