Elettronica, a major exhibitor at the Gulf Defense & Aerospace in Kuwait

Kuwait City. Again this year Elettronica will be a major exhibitor at the Gulf Defense & Aerospace in Kuwait. GDA is an international exhibition for defense, aerospace, homeland security and safety in a large and growing market. The company will attend the event with its three industrial branches: Elettronica S.p.A (EW), Elettronica GmbH (Homeland Security & EW) and CY4GATE (Cyber Warfare).

Elettronica boasts a long-standing tradition in the airborne and naval sector

Elettronica boasts a long-standing tradition in the airborne and naval sector and a strong record of successful domestic and international collaborations on all the key modern military platforms, such as the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, the Italian Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Ship, the Italian and French Horizon and FREMM ship class, the NFH-90 helicopter and a wide range of projects in the Gulf, Middle East and Asia.
With a steady presence since the 80’s, Elettronica regards the Gulf as a key region for its commercial growth. Its participation will serve the purposes of focusing on the area and showcasing its flagship products and systems to better cope with new global challenges that severely test our security – drones, for instance. Consequently, the ability to detect, identify and neutralize mini and micro UAVs, close to sensitive areas and critical infrastructures, has become a strategic priority. ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition and Neutralization) successfully proves the Company’s standing in this market.

By the end of 2020 Kuwait will start receiving the supply of 22 single-seat and six twin-seat Eurofighter Typhoon, assembled in Italy. The Kuwaiti aircraft will be fitted with Praetorian defensive aids suite. Our technologies have contributed to the security, protection and defense of Countries in the Gulf region for more than 30 years, and some of them are featured on our booth. In particular Elettronica is supplying its jammer podded self-protection system for the Eurofighter Typhoon, of which Elettronica is co-design authority with its state of the art technology (DRFM, Digital Receiver, solid-state RX/TX modules) and phased-array antennas, featuring electronic beam steering.

In a scenario where ambiguity, uncertainty and complexity are the new variable characterizing military operations, the deployment of EW assets is changing accordingly: Electronic Warfare is more important than ever. Elettronica can claim an enviable tradition in the development and manufacture of Electronic Warfare systems for a wide range of applications and has received worldwide recognition for its Radar Electronic CounterMeasures (RECM) capability ensuring the self-protection of Navy units.
In a complex maritime background, the proliferation of commercial traffic at sea dramatically increases the congestion of the electromagnetic environment with unwanted signals. The intrinsically asymmetric conditions of operations are now making protection against EO/IR guided threats an increasingly important requirement for active countermeasures in this field. Currently, the Concept of Operations and User Requirements for surface ships are changing, due to the increasing requirement for using these platforms in peacekeeping operations, military operations other than war, border surveillance against illegal traffic, and support for operations in Exclusive Economic Zones.

Elettronica developed a strong engineering capacity in both ELECTRONIC WARFARE and CYBER fields, managing the overall “electromagnetic spectrum”. The creation of CY4GATE entity, dedicated to cyber and network intelligence, is a key asset in this perspective, mixing the dual expertise of “defense on board systems” and “digital protection”.
This dual expertise is fully part of the “digital Transformation” strategy of the company. In light of the above, ELETTRONICA can propose the platform integrators the following participations in this field, according to the descriptions and concepts developed in the above paragraphs: Support by cyber and electronic warfare experts included in the prime contractor system team, to conduct functional analysis of vulnerability and architecture studies. CY4GATE can also act as the third party performing dedicated penetration tests to assess the level of vulnerability for the homologation of the products and the processes.

Based in Elettronica Group Headquarter in Rome, the Academy delivers high standards of education and training, across a range of important subject areas in Electronic Warfare items to meet the demands of “students”, both national and international. This unique training facility features modern multi-media teaching aids. Instructors, regularly briefed by research personnel and system design experts, certainly make a difference in establishing and conducting appropriate EW courses wherever required. The EW Academy can provide not only In-House courses, performed locally in Elettronica, but also Local-Deployment courses, performed at military bases or wherever required, and online interactive courses with related evaluation schemes.