Elettronica @DAS 2021: the company is showcasing its Stand-Off/Stand-In Jammer at the DAS

Dubai. Advanced air defence threats are spreading within and beyond the Middle East. Nations are procuring state-of-the-art radars to protect their territory and equip their air defence systems. These capabilities are integral to regional and global anti-access, area-denial strategies.

Combat aircraft must perform their missions in heavily defended and contested airspace where these threats are ever present. Simply relying on aircraft with low radar cross sections is not enough. Combat aircraft also need robust electronic countermeasures to protect themselves and their strike packages. Elettronica’s Stand-Off and Stand-In Jammer benefits from 70 years of expertise the company has accrued in the electronic warfare sector.

Elettronica’s Stand 1730 at the Dubai Air Show

 Stand In Jammer

Elettronica Group Stand-In Jammer is an innovative, compact, state-of-the-art EW Solution for Active Countermeasures, designed specifically to meet the most demanding requirements for threat identification and countermeasures for aerial and ground target systems. It emerges as a reaction to the current context, where the battle in the electromagnetic spectrum is crucial and emerging threats, that diminish the effectiveness of stealth technologies are jeopardizing current plans to filed large number of “fifth generation” fighters or other combat/surveillance air platforms (manned and unmanned), in a declining defense budgets environment.

The Stand-In Jammer is a compact and lightweight solution hosting Fast Signal Processing algorithms for advanced jamming functionalities (DRFM) and a fully digital receiver (DRX) that allows also to have a tactical overview (in terms of threats), over a very large RF bandwidth.

Elettronica Group is then putting its effort in carrying out this sophisticated system capable to perform smart jamming and approach the enemy Weapon Systems in order to generate false detections or noise with the aim to create confusion and reduce the sensitivity of the Radar receiver, using cutting-edge technologies, and setting the bases to boost the Customer defense capabilities. A solution aimed at providing the appropriate answer to defeat the increasingly capable Air Defense Systems proliferating throughout the world.

 Stand Off Jammer

Elettronica Group Stand-Off Jammer (SOJ) solution is a complete RF Jamming system installed on board of airborne platforms flying at a safe distance (i.e., beyond enemy air defense systems coverage) from enemy assets, and provides an effective suppression of enemy surveillance capabilities in a wide band fashion.

The SOJ system provides autonomous Electronic Support as well as Electronic Attack capabilities on Radar context and Electronic Support within COMMs environment, simultaneously managed by proprietary EW C2 Manager. Thanks to the consolidated “state of art” technologies within the Company: Multi-Bit DRXs, Multi-channel DRFMs, Solid State Transmitters and AESA, and considering that SOJ Operation occupies a short amount of the operational time, System is equipped with the appropriate resources to execute also ELINT and autonomous geolocation tasks within the Radar domain.

Then the employment of SOJ, together with the smart management of the electromagnetic spectrum and proper technical and tactical procedures, can enhance the effectiveness of the mission. This high flexible design approach represents the viable solution to the stringent needs of emerging (as well as legacy) threat environments where: fast emitter interception, real-time identification and dedicated Radar Electronic Attack programs constitute vital assets towards mission success.

To learn more about the Stand-Off and Stand-In Jammer and its capabilities visit Elettronica’s Stand 1730 at the Dubai Air Show.