Elettronica @DAS 2021: Proudly Supporting our Emirati Partners in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and ready for new industrial partnerships

Dubai. Elettronica has enjoyed a strong relationship with the United Arab Emirates for over thirty years and is looking forward to full industrial collaboration with local partners.

Elettronica Group Logo.

This stretches back to the early 1990s when Elettronica began supplying products to the Emirati armed forces. The intervening years saw the Emirati armed forces develop some of the most advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities in the region.

Elettronica is committed to ensuring that Emirati personnel, vehicles, ships and aircraft are robustly protected with state-of-the-art EW systems. This saves lives and protects platforms. Furthermore, Elettronica helps ensure that the Emirati armed forces can manoeuvre in the electromagnetic spectrum and achieve Electromagnetic Superiority and Supremacy (E2S).

The company began providing EW equipment to the Emirati Army in the 1990s. This collaboration increased over the following years. That same decade, Elettronica started providing aircraft self-protection equipment to the UAE Air Force. The partnership extended in the 2000s to the Emirati Navy.

Emirates ground forces during an exercise. The emirati army is a very important customer of Elettronica


This year, the company celebrates its 70th anniversary. The past seven decades has seen Elettronica increasingly recognised as a solution provider and capability integrator for electronic attack and self-protection systems, electro-optical and infrared technologies, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, cyber security and intelligence, public security, law enforcement and customer support. The company’s value proposition acknowledges the central role of EMSO  as a domain of warfare like the land, sea, air and space environments, and also the role of EMSO in safeguarding Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) against electronic attack and cyberwarfare.

Over the years the company has embraced emerging technologies like artificial intelligence algorithms which are highly applicable to signal intelligence, system management, and the management and integration of complex systems, as well as supporting both  autonomous and human decision-making processes. Furthermore, Elettronica has retained its market dominance thanks to its solid-state countermeasure systems using Gallium Nitride and Quantum Cascade Laser technology.

With its long history and established presence in the UAE the company looks forward to deepening and expanding this local collaboration with a stronger partnership based on industrial cooperation.

Elettronica takes a keen interest in the UAE Vision2030 strategy. The company shares Emirates’ ambitions and is keen to work with and support local partners to meet these important goals.

“In recent years we have contributed to the UAE’s technological development and skills growth in the EW domain. However, as the new and complex defence challenges of the future require further efforts and strong industrial partnerships, Elettronica Group is eager to boost its thirty-year partnership with the UAE, consolidating its presence in the Country’s industry ecosystem” said Enzo Benigni, President and CEO of Elettronica Spa.

Enzo Benigni, CEO of Elettronica Spa

Elettronica is proud to exhibit at this year’s Dubai Air Show. To find out more about Elettronica’s expertise, services, products and abiding commitment to the UAE come and visit our stand (1730).