Leonardo’s cooperation opportunities in the Asia & Far East region to the heart of “Leonardo in the Far East, a virtual experience”.

Rome. Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 is an ambitious, challenging plan that goes well above an industrial programme: it is an organic vision of the world, drawing on Leonardo’s strength as a leader in industry and technology, defining a new approach – built on internationalization, sustainability, innovation, delivery of value – as pillars for our growth in the markets.

Among those, Far East Asia is a large and highly diversified region, extremely important for Leonardo in terms of significant defence, security, emergency response, critical infrastructure and environmental protection, transportation and technology advancement requirements.

Within this region, the Company’s comprehensive and integrated capabilities are already contributing to point-to-point connections, mainland and coastal surveillance, helping communities in case of emergency and disaster relief efforts, enhancing national defence and advanced training services for military and civil personnel and crews. In its strategic view, Leonardo reaffirms today its commitment in offering skills and technologies in the areas of Aerospace, Defence and Security, ready not only to deliver cutting edge
solutions, but to deliver value through technology, sustainable approach, industrial synergy and cooperation with its customers.

In a virtual initiative, sustainable and resilient to the current scenario, “Leonardo in the Far East”, the Company is displaying its comprehensive portfolio of technologies and systems covering the land, naval, air and cyber domains, offering its forward-looking view for a solid strategic development of its regional presence.

To allow for effective and modern national defence capabilities for airspace, land and sea, Leonardo’s  product range features several solutions, which can bring government and military operators into a new era to counter air and surface threats. The range includes the Eurofighter Typhoon, the world’s most advanced swing-role combat aircraft, the M-346 Fighter Attack (FA) a cost-effective light combat aircraft which maintains all its training capabilities and is equipped with Leonardo’s own Grifo-346 multi-mode fire control
radar. Other advanced platform-systems with integrated capabilities, such as the ATR-72MP aircraft and a range of helicopter types in various categories, which have ASW/ASuW capabilities, are available for counter drug trafficking, piracy, smuggling and preventing any illegal action across the territorial waters, maritime patrol, search and identification missions, search and rescue operations.

L’Aerotech Acdemy di Leonardo

A key regional requirement for the ATR 72MP is Malaysia’s tender for a new maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). At the forefront of maritime patrol capability, the ATR 72MP enables defence, homeland security and environmental protection missions.

The aircraft is equipped with Leonardo’s ATOS surveillance mission system, which brings together the data collected by the aircraft’s suite of sensors, including the Seaspray AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) surveillance radar, and provides a single data-fused picture to the operators.

Leonardo’s Seaspray radar is particularly suited for MPA missions, using AESA technology to almost instantaneously detect, track and classify hundreds of maritime contacts. Modes include Leonardo’s patented small target detection capability, allowing it to see extremely difficult targets such as submarine periscopes and shipwrecked individuals at long range, even in very stormy seas.

When rapid response is required, either for SAR and medical evacuation or disaster relief and firefighting missions, second to none platforms featuring modern avionics and systems show outstanding benefits for the Far East. These are among the main applications where Leonardo’s rotorcraft solutions (over 600 helicopters are already flying for all civil and government missions in the area) are already playing a key role in the region such as the AW139 and AW189. And this is where the C-27J Spartan airlifterC-27J Spartan airlifter, which now features new avionics and aerodynamic devices, already excels in other geographies, through its ability to rapidly access remote areas. In order to maximise the benefits and effectiveness of all its technologies, Leonardo also provides customers with a comprehensive range of support and training solutions. Within this region, this includes authorised helicopter service centres and a
Leonardo helicopter logistics hub based in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is also home to one of five Helicopter

Training Academies. To meet future requirements in the Far East for Air Forces’ high performance aircraft pilot training, Leonardo’s solutions include the M-345 basic-advanced trainer, which offers jet performance at acquisition and operational costs comparable to its turboprop competitors. The M-345 also benefits from cutting-edge Integrated Training System (ITS) technologies derived from the M-346 programme.

The region highlights the widest range of helicopter passenger transport roles, which require high level of all-weather capabilities and safety standards, and the offshore transport segment is widely served by Leonardo’s helicopters. In addition, the AW609 tiltrotor, which uniquely combines turboprop-like performance and rotorcraft versatility, is set to provide one more revolutionary option in the region for transport, SAR and surveillance missions. The tiltrotor will also see the creation of all-new connecting services between mainland and small islands.Leonardo will then be highlighting its portfolio of state-of-the-art electronics in the land, air and naval
domains, which are suitable for current and emerging requirements across the Asia Pacific region.

Through the Company’s Electronics activities devoted to Space, the joint ventures Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space, e-GEOS (a Telespazio and Italian Space Agency company) and a participation in AVIO, Leonardo contributes to the most important international missions for earth observation and weather monitoring, navigation and positioning as well as space exploration. Leonardo offers a wide breadth of products and services: from satellite and payloads manufacturing to space services and ground infrastructures, from space launch services to data integration and applications. In Asia, in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia, Leonardo already counts several collaborations in space manufacturing and service sectors.