Massive explosion shakes Bangladesh

Di Valentina Horlander

Dhaka. Sunday, June 27th, a powerful explosion can be seen and heard across the Bangladesh capitol. More than fifty people have been injured and seven were killed, including a child.

The building was in the Dhaka Moghbazar neighborhood, and it spread throughout several different buildings.

Seven other buildings in the area were affected, including a meat shop, an electronics store, and a restaurant. Firefighters and police officers have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the explosion.

Building explosion in Bangladesh leaves 7 dead and 52 injured

There has not been enough time to confirm the root of it. Speculations from the community have surfaced of it being a gas leak or an electrical circuit.

The Dhaka police have, in the meantime, confirmed there is no evidence of a malicious attack.

There was no terrorist-linked activity in the explosion, it was more likely an unfortunate accident that put multiple lives at risk and killed seven.