Sky Hero: a non-robotized, totally stealthy approach to a threat in a confined environment can often prove to be an additional tactical advantage

BRUXELLES. This core static camera acts as a search tool that specifically addresses the imperative needs of special forces to secure their immediate intervention environment to ensure effective, accurate deployment and minimize potential uncontrolled threats.

Designed for the darkest, most dangerous, and most remote tactical applications, NARFIMkI camera head features extremely low light sensitivity and automatically switches to IR mode for night vision, in addition to its wide 150° viewing angle.

NARFIMkI camera

An integral part of the SKY-HERO unified recon system with a battery runtime of over 300 minutes, this new tactical vector transmits wireless, encrypted, low-latency image and sound streams that are viewed on the system’s single controller, the GCSMkII, allowing for remote adjusting of settings and activation of features.

While the A/V wireless feed of the camera is also distributed to the SKYHERO wearable individual 2.7-inch displays,these screens can also, via a specific menu, operate the camera head independently trough a wired connection.

Moreover, the NARFIMkI is equipped with a swiveling and tilting plate that allows for easy transition from mounted on a foldable pole , to being simply glued directly to the surrounding structures.

This design offers additional adaptability of the NARFIMk1 trough extending the view above drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around corners, or maintaining a sight on a specific target.


NARFIMkI’s modular design is rugged, field adaptable and immediately compatible with other SKYHERO tactical accessories such as the interchangeable sound and light diversion payloads that can equip the LOKIMkII drone and SIGYNMkI ground robot.

By expanding remote vision and tactical inspection capabilities, this new unmanned recon device, NARFIMkI, keeps operators away from injury risk, potential hazards and possible dangers that cannot be seen otherwise.

Together with the LOKIMkII sUAV and the SIGYN sUGVMkI, they assist officers in
hazardous incidents that would benefit from a ground-level perspective.