Elettronica Group at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, April 25th -29th 2018

Berlin. The armed service of twenty-eight countries around the world rely on electronic and cyber warfare technologies supplied by ELETTRONICA – an European leader in these systems for more than sixty years – to help them defend their national boundaries and strategic interests. The Group furnishes sophisticated strategic surveillance capabilities as well as self-defense and electronic attack systems for airborne, naval and ground use. EW solutions range from individual stand-alone units to complete integrated systems combining both sophisticated in-house technologies and open modular architectures. Privately controlled, both France’s Thales and Italy’s Finmeccanica/Leonardo have important minority stakes in the Group. The Group is composed by ELETTRONICA with headquarter in Rome, ELT GmbH in Meckenheim, Germany focused in Integrated Logistics Support, EW Simulation Systems, Public and Homeland Security, and CY4GATE specialized in Cyber EW & Intelligence.

ELETTRONICA had founded 40 years ago in autumn 1978 its German subsidiary mainly for the after-sales activities and support on ELT 70/73, which was the first ECM operative on the STARFIGHTER F104 and following next also installed for the AlphaJet in the German Airforce. The standing of the German ELETTRONICA facility allowed to be successful in national tenders for land-based ESM and ECM products and capabilities installed in shelters and application for law enforcement solutions / homeland security systems utilizing the close collaboration with the Mothercompany, local suppliers and the skills of our entrepreneurial employees.

During ILA 2018 Airshow in Berlin we will show the state of the art technologies applied to its best in class products:

EDGE is ELETTRONICA’s new escort jamming solution for airborne applications. An autonomous pod configuration designed to increase the survivability and success of attacking force and to offer unique performance and installation capabilities. EDGE’s functions are designed to suppress enemy air defence to boost survivability for the entire strike force by creating a safe corridor for multiple attacking aircraft. ELINT features enhance situational awareness and intelligence collection. The unit is fully autonomous and no additional power source is necessary for aircraft using internal RAT and cooling system capability. EDGE is designed for exportability, has no technology export limitations and is fully ITAR free. It is an ideal subject for industrial cooperation, collaboration and technology transfer.

ELT/600, our new DIRCM generation based on Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology. Shoulder-launched MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) missiles are one of the major threats to airborne platforms, especially in asymmetric conflict environments and in terrorist actions. The quantum cascade laser technology is the latest technology which challenges the pricing benchmarks and improves the performance, effectiveness, reliability and efficiency in countering this evolving threat, reducing installation constraints and the complex set-up and maintenance operations of older DIRCM suites. The system uses a small, fast-slewing turret driven by sophisticated algorithms to accurately concentrate laser fire on the sensors of incoming missiles, ensuring effective protection of the platform even in the event of multiple simultaneous threats.

Schema tecnico.

The ELT/160 family of low cost light Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) provides self-protection for utility and combat aircraft and helicopters during operations in insecure areas, anti-tank missions and escort of ground vehicles. To meet the challenge posed by modern threats, this family of Radar Warning Receivers in all its versions, from the light to the combat version, is designed to detect, analyse and identify the intercepted electromagnetic emissions that can pose a threat to the platform in an extremely short time and beyond the maximum weapon system engagement distance. As with all ELETTRONICA passive systems, the ELT/160 RWR extractor can perform perfectly in absence of pre-flight information. The ELT/160 EW manager can coordinate Laser Warner, Missile Warner and C/F dispenser for a complete integrated suite. It is worth to mention that the Italian Armed Forces just awarded a first contract to equip their NH90 TTH helicopters with this qualified and powerful RWR and the product was already tested in multiple clients’ scenarios with full satisfaction.

Our anti-drone system ADRIAN/MUROS – Anti Drone Detection, Interception, Acquisition and Neutralization – specifically designed to manage mini and micro drone threats, is intended primarily to counter the growing security risks posed by lightweight civilian “quadri-copter” drones at public events and in civil airspace. It is based on multispectral sensors (Radar, EO/IR, acoustic and radio link interceptor), data fusion for the detection and identification functions and on a reactive and adaptive jammer to interrupt the remote control link of the platform, and the navigation aids signals used to follow the programmed route through proper waypoints. An impressive video will show a live demo of ADRIAN and MUROS performances.

Moreover, in the recent years, ELETTRONICA has invested in the Cyber EW and Intelligence domain through its subsidiary CY4GATE, a JV with Expert System s.r.l. – a leader in semantic computing – which designs sophisticated Cyber Intelligence and Electronic Warfare systems providing superior, fast and comprehensive analysis of structured and non-structured data streams from ELINT to Tactical/Strategic COMINT and Open Source (OSINT), virtual HUMINT, Lawful Interception, Meta Data Analysis, Data Mining and Fusion, all integrated within both passive and active defensive cyber applications.