Atlantic Alliance: Jens Stoltenberg will host the NATO 2030 Youth Summit

Bruxelles. On Monday 9 november, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will host the NATO 2030 Youth Summit, to ensure that NATO incorporates young people’s views of security and peace in its reflection on the future of the Alliance.

Jens Stoltenbeg

Organised in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference, the NATO 2030 Youth Summit aims to bring together 18-35 year-old citizens from NATO Allied and partner countries for an online conversation with Stoltenberg and a series of interactive debates focused on keeping NATO strong militarily, making it stronger politically and taking a more global approach.

During the event, the Secretary General will announce the establishment of the NATO 2030 Young Leaders Group, a group of 14 emerging leaders from across the Alliance who will provide him with input to inform his recommendations for NATO 2030.

The NATO 2030 Youth Summit is part of NATO 2030, the Secretary General’s initiative to make sure the Alliance remains ready to face tomorrow’s challenges, and keep its citizens safe in the next decade and beyond.

While full participation in the event is limited to invited guests, the Youth Summit will be streamed live at

No registration is necessary.