FlySight: A new Integration with Aitech Systems Unveil, Empowering Real-Time ATR Capabilities for Operational excellence and strategic advantage

LIVORNO.  FlySight and Aitech Systems have collaborated to enhance real-time artificial intelligence capabilities for Augmented Target Recognition operations, aiming for operational excellence and strategic superiority.

This integration combines FlySight’s OPENSIGHT with Aitech A179 Lightning, a rugged AI supercomputer, to significantly boost surveillance and operational intelligence functionalities.

FlySight and Aitech System collaboration for empower ATR

OPENSIGHT, coupled with A179 Lighting enhancement, acts as a sophisticated remote ATR sensor, capable of acquiring real-time video data from diverse sources.

It can seamlessly switch the inference from a local HD-SDI to multiple local or remote STANAG 4609 streams, adapting to various operational scenarios with ease.

Through the exploitation of OPENSIGHT’s AI-enabled open architecture, users can conduct real-time processing of video sources, utilizing a diverse selection of pre-configured and customizable neural networks.

This framework offers unmatched flexibility, facilitating effortless integration of third-party or proprietary AI Networks into their systems.

This capability is made possible by the open architecture approach, which optimizes the advanced functionalities of the TensorRT inference engine while ensuring extensive compatibility through adherence to the ONNX standard.

In response to dynamic operational demands, OPENSIGHT enables users to dynamically select different runtime networks and swiftly add them to the system.

Moreover, the ATR module ensures compliance with MISB ST-0903 (VMTI), seamlessly integrated into STANAG 4609 streams, enhancing interoperability and compatibility with legacy systems.

Mission Control: Enhanced Situational Awareness Display

The output received is displayed in the OPENSIGHT Mission Console, providing operators with both video and mapped georeferenced detections. This ensures a comprehensive operational picture for informed decision-making.

Finally, a ready-to-deploy off-the-shelf product emerges onto the global market, revolutionizing real-time surveillance, battlefield intelligence, and operational functionality. This groundbreaking solution empowers AI capabilities, fostering seamless integration and enhancing the synergy between human operators and machine intelligence.” Andrea Masini, CEO at FlySight Srl

“Congratulations to the entire team for seamlessly completing the integration process. This revolutionary solution boosts AI capabilities, making it easier for humans and machines to work together effectively.

It’s been a fascinating journey, and we’re excited about the future and possibilities of this solution”. Dan Mor, Director of Products & Solutions, Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.