Leonardo eyes work on NATO cyber command

Di Vincenzo Santo*

(Da Fifth Domain – 28 settembre 2017)

Rome. Italy’s Leonardo is eyeing work on a possible NATO cyber command after six years in which the company says it has successfully defended NATO sites from hackers, a company official said. The firm was first contracted in 2011, along with Northrop Grumman, to ensure cybersecurity at NATO sites, and its systems are now in use with 75,000 users at 75 NATO sites in 28 member nations, work worth €65 million (U.S. $77 million) since the contract began.Northrop Grumman left the partnership in 2014, making Leonardo the sole contractor as NATO faces 350 million suspicious interactions daily across its network. (…)

As its cyber defense contract comes up for renewal in 2019, Leonardo is looking at further work if and when NATO stands up a fully fledged cyber command. (…) Any future cyber strategy would remain defensive, the official added. “NATO as an organisation does not have and is not developing offensive cyber capabilities. As with everything that we do, the alliance will act in line with its defensive mandate and in accordance with international law,” the official said. With 500 cyber staff at facilities in Chieti in Italy and Bristol in the U.K., Leonardo expects cyber business to grow 10 percent a year in the next five years.

Gli occhi di Leonardo per proteggere la NATO da attacchi cyber

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