MBDA and Naval Group join forces to develop new remote assistance solutions

Paris. The remote assistance service deployed by Naval Group and MBDA for the French Navy achieves several objectives: provide prompt diagnostics and repair solution to naval systems users in all locatuions and in all circumstances.

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Remote assistance is a secure, end-to-end encrypted multimedia communication system linking the ship with the onshore support facilities. It enables the crew to set up a fully confidential  real-time, dialogue with the French Navy and other state and/or industry experts to assist diagnostics in the case of breakdowns, provide greater autonomy for the maintenance personnel and help with the preparation for maintenance periods on returning from missions. Remote assistance can thus help improve the availability of ships in operation.

Deployment of remote assistance has already begun to the multi-mission frigates (FREMM) and the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, as well as to the Toulon Fleet Support Service (SSF), the Brest SSF and connecting them with MBDA and Naval Group industrial sites.

Image of the French Navy’s aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle

Pascal Gendre, MBDA Group Customer Support & Services Director, stresses that “We are well aware of the critical nature of our products and systems for the armed forces, and MBDA has always made a point of honour of working with its customers throughout the life cycle of their equipment, guaranteeing them a high level of operational availability. Today we have the satisfaction alongside Naval Group, of being able to provide our support to the women and men who are committed to the defence of our country, at any time, wherever they may be”.

Vincent Martinot-Lagarde, Naval Group Director of Servicies, adds:” This Remote assistance solution developed with MBDA contributes to offering our costomers greater operational availability of their ships. The remote assistance enables simulataneous discussions with the French Navy fleet support service and a crew of a ship to assist the crew and solve a technical problem at sea. Furthermore, the remote support kit can be deployed as part of the preparation of an upkeep period for an overhaul of the ship”.