Space Italy introduce the stratospheric platform project

Paris. At the 53rd International Paris Air Show, Space Italy ( Is showcasing it’s stratospheric Platform project.  Space Italy, a business network consisting of Corvallis, Eurotech, IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, Logic, and Sitael, is presenting its study proposal for the realisation of a stratospheric platform that is the result of synergies between Italian large industry, universities and research centres. Space Italy President Massimo Mazzola said: “The stratosphere is the new frontier for many civil, commercial, defence & security services. Stratospheric platforms are a building block that can integrate the advantages provided by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, satellites and satellite constellations, thus providing an invaluable flexibility in terms of cost, simplicity in updating technologies and high performance in terms of endurance”.

project Space Italy

Potential customers like the Armed Forces, National Agencies and commercial customers are showing interest in the use of stratospheric platforms for various reasons (for example Earth observation: continuous monitoring on a fixed area, Communications 5G tech: low latency time etc.) . Most entities are looking for more performant and cheaper alternatives to space systems or drone technologies. The International Paris Air Show is organised by SIAE, a subsidiary of Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales – GIFAS.