Taliban increasing control over Afghanistan

By Valentina Horlander*

Washington. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has not backed down on his declaration for the complete withdrawal of military troops from Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden at a Press Conference

The target date has been set for August 31st for the end of United States military occupancy in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, the eighth of July, Biden said that Afghanistan must decide their own fate and future.

He will not allow a war to continue for another two decades. “I will not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome,” President Biden said. Slowly, for the past few months, more and more U.S. troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan, leaving Afghani troops on their own.

Afghan forces have since taken up arms in preparation for Taliban expansion and control in more territories.

Soldiers in Afghanistan (August 2018)

President Biden has since acknowledged the fear for Taliban expansion and admitted the Afghan government may not control all parts of Afghanistan.

Since Biden’s statement, Taliban officials have come forward and declared that they have control of 85% of Afghanistan’s territory.

Experts are disproving this claim from the Taliban and have since estimated the Taliban controls 46% of Afghanistan’s districts and 30% are contested.

Despite this, many U.S. Intelligence Operators have feared the Taliban may have control over the country in as few as six months.

In recent developments, Taliban forces were reported to have taken two border towns. Islam Qala, bordering Iran and Torghundi, bordering Turkmenistan.

One of the border towns, Islam Qala, is a major trade crossing into Afghanistan, and is currently trying to be recovered by Afghan forces.

With the control of a major trade route, it is untold what the effects of that may be.

The Taliban will be able to access more resources and manipulate the community for aide in exchange for food and supplies.

In response to this take over, there has been an increase of refugees fleeing into Iran and Tajikistan.

The recall of United States military forces will have a massive effect on the government and overall well-being of Afghanistan.

President Biden has not backed down on his promise of complete withdrawal by August 31st and the Taliban has used this series of events as ammunition for expansion and control of Afghanistan territory.

Not only will this affect the politics of Afghanistan, but also the entire world.

*South Asia Analyst