Israel Freezes Export of Suicide Drone to Azerbaijan After Allegation of Abuse

Di Vincenzo Santo*

(Da FP – 30 agosto 2017)

Tel Aviv. It was a sales call gone very wrong. At least that’s the allegation being investigated after an Israeli company was accused of attempting to bomb the Armenian military on behalf of Azerbaijan during a test run of a suicide drone. Now, the Israeli Defense Ministry has frozen the export license of an Israeli arms manufacturer while it looks into the claims. An Aug. 13 report from the Hebrew-language daily newspaper Maariv revealed that the Israeli Defense Ministry recently received an unusual complaint, detailing claims that a team from Aeronautics Defence Systems was asked to strike an Armenian military position while demonstrating its Orbiter 1K drone in a live-fire test on July 7 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The company was in the middle of finalizing the sale of the suicide drone to Azerbaijan. The two Israeli drone operators on the trip refused to comply with the request, according to the report, so senior representatives from the company stepped in. They armed and deployed the drone themselves but missed the targets. An Armenian army colonel said two soldiers were lightly wounded in the attack. The Orbiter 1K is known as a “suicide drone” — a small unmanned aerial vehicle that can carry payloads up to 4.4 pounds and fly directly into an enemy target, detonating a bomb and destroying itself in the process. Azerbaijan has allegedly used the Israeli suicide drones to attack Armenian troops in the past (…).

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