NATO. Deputy Secretary General Geoană: “Democracies should stand united to defend the multilateral global order”

BRUSSELS. Speaking, in recent days, at the Fall Academy of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stressed the importance of defending democratic values against challenges to the rules-based international order.

Geoană spoke, therefore, in a session devoted to “Building a Sustainable and Multilateral Global Order”, warning that authoritarian regimes are openly challenging democratic systems and promoting alternative models of governance. The Deputy Secretary-General, in addition, stressed the need to cooperate with like-minded actors around the world and to put up a united front against threats to democracy.

Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană

Geoană also specified the importance of ensuring resilient supply chains and avoiding interdependencies that allow authoritarian actors to exploit open societies: “NATO is doing its part in defending democracy by providing military, economic and humanitarian support to Ukraine as an essential pillar of a multilateral global order. Ukraine is fighting for its freedom and independence, and NATO is committed to supporting it for as long as necessary”.

FEPS is a think tank of the progressive political family at the European Union (EU) level. The annual Fall Academy brings together about 40 participants each year, chosen from among the most promising young elected politicians from across the EU.