Kosovo: statement by the Implementation and Monitoring Council (IMC)

Pristina. A meeting of the Implementation and Monitoring Council (IMC) took place in Pristina.

The IMC endorsed an arrangement on the rehabilitation of roads in the Deçan/Dečane municipality adhering to the relevant Kosovo Law no. 03/L-039 on Special Protective Zones (SPZ) of 15 June 2008.

Ambassador Ambassador of Italy to Kosovo Nicola Orlando and Major General Michele Risi

The arrangement includes the synchronous development of both an international bypass road external to the SPZ boundaries and of a local road within the SPZ.

It aims at fostering inter-community relations through the protection of religious cultural heritage and bolstering the economic development within the municipality of Deçan/Dečane and the region.

The arrangement was facilitated by the Ambassador of Italy to Kosovo Nicola Orlando, with support and expertise provided by KFOR Commander, Major General Michele Risi.

The IMC members will follow up on implementation of the arrangement with the support of KFOR, acting within its mandate.